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Northway Outfitters offers world class goose and duck hunts in Saskatchewan, Canada.  Our hunting area is just south of the Provincial forest boundary in the upper region of the agricultural grain belt.  This location is the first stop for waterfowl on the largest migration corridor in North America.  Millions of birds stop to feed and rest in the grain rich environment before taking the fly way south.  Our hunting area is waterfowl heaven with potholes and larger bodies of water littering the landscape.  Mix this whit endless farm fields and you have the perfect habitat for attracting and holding huge flocks.

Our goose hunts are typically conducted in pea, oat, wheat or barely fields.  The duck are a mix of field and water hunts.  By employing a variety of methods, such as stubble field shooting from pits or layout blinds, flight shooting from hedge rows, or sitting on the water, we put our hunters where the birds are.  While you are out in the field out spotters constantly making miles to locate the next productive area to place your group.  The large population of birds and liberal bag limits make this an exciting action packed adventure.  Standard hunts are 3 days with up to 5 trips afield.  Additional days can be added for a fee.


2 1/2 day waterfowl hunt – $2495.00

License & Permit – $192.85

GST 2.5% – $63.37

Total – $2750.22

Rates are per person. All prices are in USD.

Additional days can be added for a fee.

* 5 trips a field
* Guides & spotters
* Meals + accommodations
* Hunting License
* All taxes

Our Staff

Northway Outfitters have been long recognized for having excellent guides and staff who are very professional, knowledgeable, and courteous.  This is a fun bunch that works hard to make your hunting experience enjoyable and memorable.  The veteran stall compliments the resource available to guests and is a major factor in the high percentage of repeat customers.

Hunting Area

Northway has exclusive access to over 40,000 acres of farm land, as well as relationships with local farmers giving us thousands of square miles of area stretching over six different hunting zones.


Lodging accommodations are in the outfitter’s home.  Family style, home cooked meals and modern appointments round out a great hunting experience.

Hunters fly into Saskatoon, rent a car and make the 1 hour 15 minute drive to the outfitter’s location.  Clients should plan to arrive in camp late afternoon the day before your hunt begins and depart early afternoon of the last day.  Shotgun shells can be obtained in Saskatoon at Cabela’s or from the sporting goods store just a few minutes from the outfitter’s home.