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Whitetail Hunting

We have maintained excellent successful rates in this area on trophy bucks.  85% of our hunters harvest a buck and 80% of those bucks score over a 140 B&C.  Success rates are excellent with a good change at a high end buck.  Deer genetics in these areas have produced some monster deer over the years with several bucks taken over 200 B&C.  Many of our clients return year after year and choose to wait for that once in a lifetime buck.  In order to maintain our trophy management program we reward those selective hunters that choose not to shoot by randomly drawing one name a season to receive a free hunt for the following year.


5 1/2 day whitetail hunt – $4750.00

License & Tags – $450.00

GST 2.5% – $118.75

Total – $5318.75

Rates are per person. All prices are in USD.

* 5 1/2 days of trophy whitetail hunting
* Transfers to and from the lodge and Saskatoon
* 2×1 guide service
* All accommodations and meals while in camp
* Caping and trophy preparation for travel
* Hunting license and tags
* All taxes

Season Dates
Whitetail muzzle loader/archery- Oct 1 st to Dec 7th
Whitetail rifle- Nov 1st – Dec 7th

In addition to our whitetail hunts in the provincial forest fringe we also offer a limited number of mule deer hunts on different First Nation lands. Please call for information and availability.

Our Staff

Northway outfitters have long been recognized for having excellent guides and camp staff who are all very professional, knowledgeable, and courteous.  This is a fun bunch that works hard to make your hunting experience enjoyable and memorable.  Their work year round in the bush is what separates our hunts from other Canadian whitetail experiences.  Our guides hunt for shed antlers late winter and early spring as well as placing trail cameras during the antler growing season to locate new strategic stand locations.  The veteran staff compliments the resource available to guests and is a major factor in the high percentage of repeat clients.  Most of the guides and camp staff have been with Northway since 1988 with a new generation learning the art of creating client success.

Hunting Area

Northway has a large non-resident hunting area in the Province totaling over 106,000 acres for whitetail deer.  The northern forest areas of Saskatchewan produce huge whitetail bucks that are known for their heavy massed antlers.  Our hunting area borders agricultural land to the south and transitions to dense brush to the north.  This unique habitat supports high populations of whitetails and access to excellent wintering areas that reduce winter mortality.  We also provide high protein feed to these areas from September throughout the season.  Our mineral supplement program constitutes year round to enhance antler development.  Rifle and muzzle loader hunts are conducted from ground blinds situated in key areas where you may see many deer each day with time to judge and harvest your trophy.


Relax in a newly constructed lodge situated within sight of the hunting area.  Enjoy home style meals and visit with fellow hunters with all the comforts of home including phone service and Wi-Fi.